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Most people just put their Flat Panel TV on a TV Stand or other furniture. But what fun is that? One of the cool things about having a Flat Panel TV that's only 4 inches deep and possible slimmer is the ability to mount it right on your wall!

Choosing the right Wall Mount Bracket is a nightmare with the numerous options available in the market. Let BlingStallation provide you with a Wall Mount Bracket best suited for your application and let us install and wall mount your TV for you. You invested allot of money in your flat panel TV, don’t take any risks and let the professional’s wall mount it for you!



>>  Don't mount it too high. It's tempting to mount it at picture height, but most people find it more relaxing to watch if the center of the TV is around 102-114 cm off the floor (about eye level while sitting). However, some people have found that having the TV slightly higher can result in a more authentic cinematic experience and can make console gameplay more immersive.

>> I f you're running cables in the wall, buy quality cables to prevent interference from power wires and other wiring in the walls. Once you get this mounted, you don't want to find out that you have a problem.

>>  "Future Proof" your installation by including an HDMI/CAT6 cable (or at least component cables) through the wall, even if you are not using them today. If you just run S-Video or Composite cables, there is a good chance you'll want to upgrade later.

>>  Cut a piece of cardboard to the dimensions ……..

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>>  Before you buy any wall mount bracket (bracket), check and measure your wall.

>>  Make sure the bracket you purchase can handle well and above the TV weight. If your TV weighs 10kg. look for a bracket that is capable of handling 4x the TV weight or 100kg. It might sound like an overkill until a child pulls on the TV and it falls on them or someone trips near the TV and grabs it on their way down. Beware of the cheap "knock off" mounts.

>>  After hanging the bracket (before you place the TV on it), find a way to add some weight to the bracket to make sure it is absolutely firmly in place.

>>  The biggest concern mounting on the wall is …….

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Wall Mounting of LED LCD 3D Smart TV