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BlingStallation Head Office

20 Woodlands Drive

The Woodlands Office Park,

Block 22B, 1st Floor,

Woodmead,  Gauteng

South Africa


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Your Flat Panel TV is just an expensive TV without the correct installation, setup and calibration.  To ensure that you benefit from all of the features, benefits and technological advancements of your Panel TV, let BlingStallation professionally install, setup and calibrate your High Definition Panel.


Installing and setting up of a modern day Home Theatre System is not as DIY friendly as you would like to believe it is. Did you know that the type of cable, length of cable and position of your speakers essentially affects the quality of your sound and overall Home Cinema experience? Don’t stress, let BlingStallation professionally install, cable and calibrate your Home Theatre System so that you can appreciate Optimum Home Cinema from the comfort of your chair.


With more and more technology creeping into our homes, you are most likely faced with too many remote controls taking up way too much of space in your lounge and bedrooms. Let BlingStallation integrate all of your remotes into one central control unit which is both portable and mobile. With advanced Programmable Remote Controllers, we are able to completely integrate all of your devices to work from a single Full Colour Touch Screen remote controller with rechargeable lithium ion battery and docking station. Take Control of your home with BlingStallation!


If you love watching it, then you must store it! Let BlingStallation setup your personal Home Library of your Movies and Music collection so that you can seamlessly view any of your content via a Multimedia System anywhere in your home …. no more unpleasant CD and DVD cabinets and racks all over your home once we store your content onto a Multimedia Centre or mobile Hard Drives for you!


Multimedia System Installation Specialist
Home Theatre Installation Specialist
Audio Video Installation Specialist