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Investing in the latest cutting edge technology without professional installation, setup and calibration is an absolute waste of your money … let BlingStallation seamlessly connect and integrate your new Smart TV into your home, ensuring that your TV is safely and securely connected to the Internet. We ensure that optimum network security is maintained when connecting your Smart TV to your home network.

The Smart TV Revolution  ... Smart_TV_Installation

What is Smart TV?

Smart TV is any TV that has internet access built in allowing it to access a range of online services including video on demand, social networking and instant messaging. Some TVs even feature a full web browser to allow access to most websites.

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What are the benefits of Smart TV?

The vast majority of modern televisions now have 'smart' capability, and it's getting increasingly hard to buy a non-smart model. You don't need to connect a smart TV up to the internet to just watch television, but if you do go online with it, there are various benefits, including:

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What you will need for your Smart TV to be “Smart”?


What is Smart TV tracking?

Smart-TV manufactures are able to track and monitor the way you use your television like never before, including what you watch, what buttons you press on the remote and the websites you visit on the TV's browser.

This can have benefits, such as more personalised recommendations of things to watch, but there are also potential downsides.

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Smart TV Security

When connecting any device to the Internet, including a television, it is vitally important to protect yourself from the more negative aspects of the online world, including hackers and malicious threats. Here's some steps to make your TV more secure while going online.

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