Audio & Video Setup

Did you know that the type of cable, length of cable and position of your speakers essentially affects the quality of your sound and overall Home Cinema experience?

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DSTV Installation & Upgrades

We are Multichoice Accredited Installers who specialise in HD Installations & Xtra View

Our Professional Installation Teams specialise in setting up HD Distribution throughout your home, giving you HD access on all of your TV’s.  

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Smart TV Setup & Installation

SMART and Internet TV’s are about to permanently change entertainment and multimedia within our homes

Investing in the latest cutting edge technology without professional installation, setup and calibration is an absolute waste of your money …

Wireless Network Setup

We are living a world where Internet connectivity is not an option, it is inherent to communicate with the world!

Internet connectivity is extremely important if you want to benefit from the many features and benefits of your modern day electronic devices in your home.

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Choosing the right Wall Mount Bracket is a nightmare with the numerous options available in the market

Let BlingStallation provide you with a Wall Mount Bracket best suited for your application and let us install and wall mount your TV for you.

Wall Mounting of Panel TV’s

Wireless Network Support
Installation Services
Best Deal on Installation Services
Network Support

Installing and setting up of a modern day Home Theatre System is not as DIY friendly as you would like to believe

Audio Video Installation Specialist Smart TV Installation

HD Cabling & Networking

Using the wrong cables or cabling your home network incorrectly will affect your entire setup

It is crucial that you use the correct cable and consider the impact of distance when connecting your home network to receive and transmit HD ...

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PC Setup & Integration

Setting up your first laptop or Smart device can be pretty daunting if you’re not an expert

Your PC, Laptop and Smart Devices are no longer used only for work related activities. Today, these devices are the conduit to our lives and the rest of the world …

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Furman Products & Integration

The ultimate solution for surge protection and power conditioning for your home

Furman products provides lightening protection, power surge protection, mains filtration, power stabilisation, power backup, power monitoring and power management …

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GAP Services

Cutting edge installation services on gas, appliances and plumbing products

Customers have asked us to fill in the GAP for home integration services with specific attention to GAS, APPLIANCE and PLUMBING Services backed with …

Gas, Appliance, Plumbing Services


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