In line with World Health Organisation’s guidelines we have implemented enhanced hygiene policies.  All Staff are temperature tested daily.  Technical Staff have access to hand sanitiser, disposable gloves and face masks.

Before we enter your home: Technicians, Technical Assistants, Truck Drivers and Truck Assistants will sanitise their hands before entering your home or office and thereafter put on a pair of Nitrile Disposable Gloves and a Face Mask.

During the installation or delivery of your product inside your home: Product packaging will be immediately removed with the option presented to you to dispose of the packaging to reduce possibility of the COVID-19 virus being on the surface of the packaging and possibly infecting you.

After the installation is completed: All surfaces worked on by the Technical and or Delivery teams will be cleaned and sanitised before they leave your home. TV screens will not be sanitised to prevent damage to the screen surface (our staff never touch the screen surface during an installation so don’t panic).  You will be required to sign off the digital job card before the Technical and or Delivery staff leave your home. If you do not have your own disposable gloves, a pair will be issued to you before you handle the Tab to sign off the job card and other documents.

Other Hygiene Services Available: The Technical team will be able to supply you with high quality Hand Sanitiser, Reusable Face Masks and Disposable Nitrile Gloves at a market related cost subject to stock availability.  Please place an order in advance with our call centre when you schedule your installation to ensure that the Technical team has enough stock to fulfil your needs. Payment can be made either in cash or EFT before the Technical team leaves your home.

Stay safe and healthy, practice social distancing, wash or sanitise your hands regularly and wear a face mask when you are around people.