Our WOW factor ...

We live in world improved, advanced and evolved by the persistence of men and women to always have more, give more and find more ... more ways to make our lives better, more enjoyable and less stressful so its no surprise that our story starts off with the desire to reinvent the service experience in SA ...

The birth of BlingStallation stems from our Principle Shareholder experiencing dreadful service from various installation companies when they acquired a new home for their family. They sooner than later learnt that cheaper in South Africa comes with a standard guarantee of poor workmanship, product and material quality with no tangible interest in customer service. Their goal was to create a “peace of mind” service provider fertilised with integrity, honesty and professionalism which South African consumers have never experienced before. Needless to say, after extensive research and development they were able to share BlingStallation with South Africa in 2009.

BlingStallation DNA comprises of Staff who are passionate about delivering an unparalleled service experience to our customers, armed with extraordinary technical training, knowledge and experience on how to make audio, video and multimedia products complement the lifestyles of our customers. Our single goal is to mesmerise our clients with service excellence because quality of our workmanship and skill set comes standard at no extra cost.

Our Call Centre, armed with the best in cutting edge technology and call recordings for training and quality control, assists customers to book their installation or service requests Monday to Saturday from 08h00 to 17h00.  The Call Centre Agents ensures that the customer is kept updated throughout their appointment on the ETA of the Technical Team and further updates the customer in advance if the Technical Team is running late.  Our Call Centre is the conduit between our customers and the various operational and service divisions within BlingStallation making the Call Centre a single point of contract for the customer throughout their relationship with BlingStallation.

Our Workmanship and Components provided to our customers carry a Lifetime Limited Warranty on Workmanship and 2 Year Limited Warranty on Components.  We believe that this is a Firm Statement on the CONFIDENCE we have in our business model and the quality of workmanship and components we provide to our customers. You need to ask yourself if the Installer who did work in your home has given you a Lifetime Limited Workmanship Warranty on  and 2 Year Limited Component Warranty?

BlingStallation (PTY) Ltd. is part of the Nerdz Technology (PTY) Ltd. group of companies and is fortunate to benefit from TENfifteen Marketing (PTY) Ltd. which is also in the same group. What benefits you ask? Ok, this we can share with you …

1. An Installation team with more Branding than you could possibly imagine … and why you ask? We call this our Red Riding Hood Strategy because IT’S ALL THE BETTER TO SEE US … Everywhere! That’s right, so you know our team and feel comfortable when they enter your home that they are from the Reputable Us!

2. Fully Branded and wrapped commercial vehicles to create a visible identity in the market but more importantly so that you our customer will know that it is our team at your home and not someone else who could potentially risk the safety of you and your family unless you prefer that dodgy installer with a ladder tied to the roof of his car with ski rope?

3. Staff who are attired in a complete set of Branded uniform so that you have peace of mind that the people in your home are our professionals and not just the neighbour next door joining the installer for a day on the job.

4. Branded Installation Vouchers which are available from Makro and other leading retailers nationwide.

So, you’ve read numerous reasons why BlingStallation is different from other similar service providers, but did you know that our core background stems from the IT Industry? That’s right, we’ve referred earlier that BlingStallation (Pty) Ltd. is part of the Nerdz Technology (Pty) Ltd. group of companies … Nerdz Technology is an IT Company who focuses on cutting edge IT Solutions for its clients. What does this mean to you?

Actually it means a lot because you now have peace of mind that you have an IT Specialist who is networking your home and providing you with customised architecture for your Home ICT needs … not just a Satellite Installation Company who is attempting to install your wireless router, home theatre, wall mount your expensive panel TV, etc.  

Would you trust an electrician to work on your car for engine problems? … then why trust someone who specialises only in installing satellite dishes when you can have peace of mind and know that your home is in the professional hands of BlingStallation!